50% more financial returns

Deliver breakthrough improvements
with outstanding returns

Performance Improvement can be difficult to deliver and time consuming to manage. That’s why we made KaizApp® -a place where people collaborate to deliver more improvements, more efficiently.

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Sustain a widespread improvement culture


More Financial Returns

Identify improvement
opportunities with the best
returns and deliver them

Accessible financials

KaizApp makes it easy to translate improvements into business cases that engage executives

Transparent & connected

Full drill down capability connects financial impacts at each organisation level with individual improvements, owners and actions

Governance & Control

Visible governance and control creates executive-level confidence in performance improvement

Seamless Collaboration

Connect people across teams and locations, without tedious administration of fragmented improvement data

Single platform in the cloud

Collaborate seamlessly across the organisation on the only platform specifically designed to drive performance improvement

Better engagement

Confirm the right next steps quickly and have more on-target discussions through better structured information and visualisation

More engagement

All improvements are instantly presentation ready for more engagement and knowledge sharing

Capability Development

Upskill your teams’ Performance Improvement ability, without always needing to travel or be on site

Scientific thinking

Develop scientific improvement thinking through direct capture of all evidence into a structured improvement process

More coaching, more effect

Everything in one place’ avoids data gathering and admin, releasing improvement leaders’ time for more coaching. It also makes coaching more effective.

Search and replicate

Single enterprise database of all improvements enables best practices to be widely shared and replicated.


Who is KaizApp® for?

KaizApp®️ adoption is led by leaders of performance improvement working in a range of roles from Operations Directors and site leaders to heads of Lean, Transformation, Operational Excellence and Continuous Improvement. Adoption can also be led by Consultants or by CEOs, CFOs, and COO’s who have a strong interest in improvement success.

KaizApp®️ can be applied both to single site operations and to hundreds of globally dispersed locations with numerous employees; across manufacturing, supply chain, services, retail and the public sector.

Deliver More Improvements with KaizApp®

Guides users in scientific improvement to deliver real results


Capture Issues, Ideas & Action

Never overlook waste again, even when under pressure. Capture new Improvements or Actions in seconds. Simply take a photo or upload a file, add a title and save. Review later to decide on priorities and allocate owners, actions, deadlines and more.

Implement & Iterate

Keep track of improvement stage deadlines until business case approval; then track trial results, iterations, sustainability checks and final benefits validation. With KaizApp®'s single database, no improvement information or learning is ever lost.


With built-in messaging and sharing features, all team members can engage and collaborate across shifts and locations to share ideas, updates and progress. KaizApp® leads users through a structured Lean improvement process to deliver robust results.

See Results in Real-time

Set KPIs and view targets, actuals and gaps. Track business case per improvement: cost, benefit, Capex, cash and soft benefit. View summaries at team, location & enterprise level. Let KaizApp® impartially identify top improvers; promoting healthy competition.

Maximise Improvement Efficiency

Get the right people focused on the right issues. Instantly capture business case assumptions, targets, priorities, and deadlines. Share progress seamlessly. Multiply coaching impact at the gemba as specialists contribute remotely, with all info at their fingertips.

Replicate Best Practices

Multiply the impact of every improvement enterprise-wide, with a single searchable database. Capture and retain knowledge even after employee exit. Teams, locations and value chains can present and share improvements effectively without preparation time.

Sample KaizApp Features

Digital Management of Prioritised Actions:

KaizApp®️ enables prioritisation of both Improvements and Actions according to potential benefits, ensures individual accountability and continuously tracks timelines and delivery using visual completion status. All this makes it easy to manage multiple simultaneous Improvements by exception; increasing both efficiency and effectiveness. 


Instantly update progress & from anywhere

Always on hand and always Presentation-ready

KaizApp®️’s guided improvement structure arranges all information for immediate sharing, at both a summary and a detailed level. Work on your improvement on the move and present seconds later.


No preparation necessary

Business case assumptions with full audit trail

KaizApp®️ provides for custom KPIs per Improvement; including non-financial metrics, costs, benefits and Capex; and KaizApp®️ collates these to form a business case. As each Improvement progresses, users can easily capture assumptions, targets and updated actuals which update the business case.  

Capture assumptions, targets and formulae

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Guides users in scientific improvement to deliver real results

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UP TO 50% MORE $$$

More improvers, more improvements, more right first time, business case focused, faster delivery



All information integrated & visible to everyone, anywhere, at anytime.



Guided improvement process, quickly develops structured thinking.

Sample Case Studies


Mask Group

With all improvement information in one place (KaizApp), remote coaching support and cross-site collaboration have continued very effectively through the Covid pandemic. Improvement owners and leaders have both seen major admin time savings, and delivered substantially more cost reduction.

Many of the 100+ manufacturing sites globally were too small to employ their own Lean specialists and even the larger ones could not easily demonstrate a financial return from most of their improvements. Major challenges included how to search and share all improvements globally, support and coach improvement remotely and ensure all efforts were prioritised by potential value.


The group Operational Excellence function implemented KaizApp into a first site and quickly realised that with the status of actions, plans and everything instantly visible they could effectively coach improvement from afar with live video. Faster learning of structured improvement thinking also occurred, guided by KaizApp and site-based managers could easily translate operational improvements into business cases.


As KaizApp rolled out to further sites, managers frequently presented their own improvements to each other and to other sites directly from KaizApp without any time spent writing presentations. This drove both knowledge sharing and healthy competition.



Mask Group (1)

With one simple improvement process for all functions and a 50% increase in coaching capacity using KaizApp, €1.5m of improvements were delivered in just 1 year – equivalent to 11% of turnover and sufficient to return the business to profitability.

The group, operating across 5 sites, was running at a loss and facing possible closure, Despite a few pockets of Lean excellence, they had struggled to develop the widespread staff capability required to deliver breakthrough performance improvements with the ROI potential needed to make a real difference. The key challenge was to identify many more of these and prioritise them for efficient delivery. It was also vital to keep the C-suite and shareholder up to date to instill confidence.

With the help of a single external Lean consultant using KaizApp, 23 improvements were identified live on the 1st site on Day 1. This was later repeated on a 2nd site. The improvement program was managed entirely through KaizApp; including ongoing prioritisation, ownership, action management, progress versus plan tracking and risk mitigation. Improvers received vital insights and coaching by presenting their improvements directly from KaizApp; resulting in rapid skills transfer and widespread capability development.


The resulting financial improvements were transparently tracked in KaizApp and seamlessly reported to the C-suite. All improvement information is now in KaizApp with images, videos, files, and financials searchable and shared enterprise-wide; while managers, practitioners and lean leaders are now delivering results in up to 20% less time.



Mask Group (2)
KaizApp has made it easy to convert improvement project KPIs into financials. Executives view dashboards of time phased financial impacts (eg EBITDA) to gauge progress anywhere in the group. Improvement owners naturally focus on improvements with sufficient financial returns, while cross-site collaboration is now the norm.
Improvement practitioners and operational managers oversee improvement across a workforce of over 5,000 staff in 10 locations, spanning both back office processing and call centers. Improvement was difficult to deliver since information was highly fragmented and inefficiently managed, preventing collaboration across locations. Key challenges included the need to focus people on the right improvements with the greatest financial impact, to instantly understand status and to report upwards.

Initial training on a pilot site had each manager work through a first performance improvement using KaizApp. Thereafter, all active improvements were added to KaizApp including plans, actions, project KPIs and financials. The site leader then used KaizApp as the basis for weekly one to one meetings with managers; who also presented their improvements and progress monthly, directly from KaizApp.

As KaizApp was rolled out to more sites, operational excellence heads were able to effectively coach employees through a structured and guided improvement process, even while working from home; and also to track progress remotely – especially the profit improvement plan. The time savings by all concerned were put back into delivering yet more improvements. Upward reporting to executives was greatly simplified, connecting them directly to improvement project details and owners. This enhanced visibility allowed more timely support and/or corrective actions to ensure that the group profit improvement plan was met.


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