The Spark

KaizApp was founded by specialists in Lean manufacturing with a combined 50 years of experience across leadership positions in corporates, private equity and consulting to 80+ enterprises across 20+ sectors. We are passionate about unleashing creativity and innovation to allow both businesses and employees to achieve their full potential and we have often seen great success in this regard through step-change business transformations. However, to maintain long term competitiveness, it remains vital to sustain an enterprise-wide culture of Continuous Improvement (CI). Unfortunately, this is far less commonly achieved; largely because CI has proved complex to manage across an enterprise.

We wanted a digital platform for our own future employers and clients where it made no difference whether the initial focus of improvement was transformation or CI. We wanted a digital platform based on the Toyota version of PDCA, which involves a structured and scientific approach. Such a platform needed to strongly support remote contribution and coaching, as well as provide a consistent improvement language and process. Finally, it needed to provide all organisation levels with broad accessibility to a single infectious way of improving.

Creating KaizApp® became our passion. A “mobile-first” digital platform to replace an array of incumbent software applications keeps improvement simple, standardised and in every employee’s pocket. KaizApp® ensures all improvements are searchable as they are developed, while the format eliminates the need to write presentations and case studies. Yet KaizApp® is as much a breakthrough for the training of CI as it is for its execution. For example, with KaizApp®, training users to forecast benefits is straightforward. Executives view these, consolidated in real time, directly in KaizApp® and can drill down to improvers’ challenges. Deeper executive engagement arises, underpinning a breakthrough in improvement leadership, prioritisation and coaching.

The Mission

  • To provide the world leading, simple to use, digital platform for both CI / innovation and transformation.
  • To put a common improvement process in the pocket of every employee.
  • To be the single searchable source of improvement knowledge enterprise-wide.
  • To be the primary way that organisations track the benefits of improvements across the enterprise.


Design and development required many years of experience and research by two leading experts in business improvement, each with international experience spanning numerous industry sectors, consulting firms and enterprises of most types; including large brand name corporates, private equity portfolio companies and the public sector.

KaizApp® was originally conceived of by the founders around 2008, but the technology required to bring it to life was not yet mature enough. Product design work started in 2015 and experimental development in 2016. Over the next 4 years, extensive further research and development took place in relation to the technology, user learning processes, presentation formats, and the requirements for effective coaching and leadership of improvement. This culminated in the current KaizApp® product, released in 2020.

Product Description

Computer software, namely, search engine software applications with or without artificial intelligence algorithms which can recommend a shortlist of solutions to users, allows users to interact, share, and view data, text, videos, images, and drawings for the purposes of collaboration, problem solving, prioritisation, continuous improvement, project management, solution implementation and analytics.